Training Camps


2015 Summer Speed and Strength Camp June 8-30


For 3 weeks (14 sessions) we will focus on body development, body control, balance, agility, explosion on both the field and weight room, flexibility, core strength development, linear speed training, reaction time, footwork, and hand eye coordination. Water will be provided, but we ask that you bring your own water bottle. Field activities will be taught by Devan Walker.

 Weightlifting will concentrate on explosive movements to build explosive power. Technique will be taught by Matt Bruce. It will be focused on all Olympic lifts, including the core eight: back squat, front squat, clean grip pulls, power clean, squat clean, jerk, snatch grip pull snatch /squat snatch, and overhead squats.

This camp is intended for middle and high school athletes and is focussed around preparing them to be proficient at movements they will see at the next level.

Camp is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 2pm-4pm each day.  Camp will last from June 8- June 30.  To Register, Contact Matt Bruce at, cell 225-933-5718






Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting Remote Camps


Video Analysis of your Olympic Weightlifting Technique from 7-time World Team member and 85 kg National Champion Matt Bruce.


Gymnastics technique instruction from 2-time CF Games Affiliate Champion and Hack’s Pack UTE member Michael Cazayoux. 


Learn the progressions to improve your skill set.

Option 1) Two hour sessions consisting of technique instruction and program design discussion. We will divide the participants into separate groups and each individual will receive ample biomechanic critique on their lifts.

Option 2) Half-day seminars, which include Olympic lifting instruction with crossfit implementation. We will critique separate groups on their Olympic lifting technique using video analysis as well as discuss crossfit program design and periodization. Additionally, we will review various strategies for attacking individual exercises during competition events.

Option 3) A full day seminar covering program design for strength and size gains. We will review Olympic lifting, HSPU strategy and technique, kipping pull up strategy and technique, metabolic endurance enhancement, as well as other events. We will also discuss different ways to get your team and yourself qualified for the Games. Pricing is negotiable. Your box gets percentage of proceeds. There is a minimum participation of 25.

If you have any questions Contact Us.